It is Simple. We Actually Care.

WHY DO We Care?

We Care. And because we care, we do everything with understanding. We don’t guess. We study the facts, the data – and strive to get it right. We care about our partners and their customers. We are a team of millennials who relate, and know exactly how to digitally communicate with millennials. We are Manolo.


Digital Communication Strategy To Increase Sales To A Young Audience

The world is now digital. Gone are the days of print advertisements and newspaper ads. Human’s now consume everything on a mobile device and it is kept close in our pocket. Our specialty is creating personalized brand experiences that provide our Partners with a powerful, competitive edge to compete in a mobile communication landscape. The single greatest asset in today’s world is attention. We like to call ourselves, attention stealers. The goal is to steal the attention, and push it towards your company.


Our team would love to meet with you and brainstorm about how to grow your brand and business. Every business is different and require custom strategies. Every project we do, we develop a custom plan to maximize the return for our partners. We Care not only about our partner’s profits, but also our relationships. Our team is design to perfectly integrate with your team big or small.


For every partner, we create a custom plan utilizing the services below. You can also purchase à la carte services for your company and brand. Contact us today to see the additional services that we offer. 

Social Media Marketing

New-age creative + advertising. You are losing as a company if you don’t utilize and invest in social media to get your message out.

Web Design

Because we care about everything we do, our websites are elegant, responsive, and modern.


Illustration elements are vital to the success of every campaign. Illustrations include: maps, charts, graphics & more.

Graphic Design

Design is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. Manolo brings design to life.

Brand Creation

No Identity? No worries. We create branding for you that is specific to your market and target audience. You are loosing if you do not have a creative brand.

Email Marketing

Stay in touch with all your contacts and build customer loyalty by launching our strategic Email campaigns.