Visual Communication

We understand that day-to day-operations can be a hassle. But imagine a world where you wake up every day, and all the ways you’ve dreamed of visually communicating globally are already taken care of for you. And unlike other companies, we provide – in a single package – everything you need for your company to be successful. You don’t have to mix and match because each package is strategic in nature. Even our lowest priced plan is designed specifically to help grow your business. Our team will strategize with you every month to determine how to best talk about your brand to your target audiences to constantly improve traffic and positive responses – growth!

Wood is a porous and fibrous structural material found in the stems and roots of trees. It has been used for thousands of years for both fuel and as a construction material. Every one of these unique packages is named after a different type of wood. All plans are billed on a monthly basis. You’ll soon consider Manolo like a key hired employee of your team, fueling growth, building a stronger company together.


The Oak package offers our Premium Web Maintenance plan, which includes important website updates, pictures and design elements. If you are a company that needs fresh new content every month, this plan is for you! This package also includes a call from our team leaders twice a month, where we will get updates on your company, and strategize how we can best improve your web presence and response. This package also comes with our starter Social Media Marketing Plan featuring a monthly planning session with our team, and the development of a monthly schedule of once-a-week posts and periodic advertisements on the social media site of your choosing.  Lastly, we include 15 hours a month of graphic design services, great for business cards, flyers, posters, conference brochures and more!


The Cypress package is the next level up, including everything in the Oak package, but more! This package provides even greater website management, including updating forms as well as picture and text content. Social Media Marketing plan is also increased, up to 3 posts per week, and includes a detailed schedule for you to review before the start of every month. We offer all popular social sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Plus, Cypress provides a valuable bonus from our design team – 25 hours of graphic design work per month!


The Mahogany package is geared toward the thriving business. It includes everything in both the Oak and Cypress packages with the addition of a full week – 40 hours – of graphic design work. This is great for companies who want to take it to the next level, and need content created on a regular basis. These extra hours of design are great for social media posts, banners, posters, signs, etc. Mahogany also comes with weekly access to all of our teams, and full social media management including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also included is our deluxe Email Marketing plan, featuring a bi-monthly email newsletter to all your customers – a great way to share important news, provide coupons, push promotional information and more. This package guarantees repeat customers and new business!


Cherry is our most prestigious package offered. This unique plan enables full use of our company, where we literally become your visual communication department. This package includes everything from our Oak, Cypress and Mahogany packages. Plus, you will receive up to 60 hours of graphic design work per month. You also gain daily access to every team at our company to ask questions or request specific tasks. At the beginning of every month, our team will also schedule weekly planning meetings. We suggest that these be in-person meetings (if not in state, monthly visits), so we can strategically plan with you and your team on site. At these meetings, we will also talk through social media and website analytics to clarify and strategize how we can grow your company in the future on the web.  Last, but not least, is video. We know that it is very important that your brand is recognized throughout every realm of media, and that includes video. So our premium video service is standard with the Cherry package. Check out some of our work at here

Our Process

Graphic Design 

Our design team consists of talented and dedicated designers. All you do is submit your design request via the client portal, then provide feedback and revisions. We will create a digital design folder for your company and share it directly with you. This folder will also be backed up on our end, so nothing will ever get lost. Popular items in our portfolio of options include posters, flyers, stationery, brochures, cards and invites, CD and DVD artwork, seasonal Facebook timeline covers, LinkedIn profile covers, conference journals, curriculum, food menus, digital newsletters and signage. Find examples on our website at

Weekly Call

We believe in working together as a team, and have found that touching base weekly is a crucial step in building a productive, progressive relationship between our teams and your company. These calls will be scheduled a month in advance. Notes will be taken, and after every call, a recap will be sent to you as well as archived in your company’s shared folder.

Social Media

Social media is scheduled every month. We provide an editable planning document with wording that we gather from our meetings with you. This document has four columns: Date, Post Wording, Picture, and Comments (to note corrections and/or mark final approval.  After that planning document is approved, we schedule out all social media for the month. In the event you need something posted that is different from what was previously scheduled, we will go in and edit the previously approved schedule within two business days, with no additional charge. Plus, we guarantee increased viewing and response on all of our social media packages. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important step to get your business out into the world and to build a customer base. We use MailChimp and manage everything for you, including the billing! Email marketing provides a fast way to keep your customers updated, to push promotions, and most important of all, puts your name out in front on a regular basis.  And don’t worry. We gather all of our information from you well ahead of time and schedule everything out with your approval. And if you have some breaking news, we stand ready to deliver that as quickly as possible as well. Plus, every email is professionally proofread to ensure consistent excellence.


Analytics are key to understanding how everything is working and what kind of traffic is coming to your page or site. We specialize in breaking down the numbers and reporting on what is really happening, whether it is via your website or your social media streams. Analytics can also be a helpful tool showing where you rank in searches, and suggesting how to improve your image on the web.

Logo Design 

Our logo design process is the best in the business. Our design team starts with a get-acquainted phone consultation to develop an understanding of your company message and brand. Then they go to work to provide you with 15 different logo design concepts. Plus, we provide a link so you can test-market your favorites with people you trust – even the world! After 5 revisions, we hand over your unique, finished logo plus all the corresponding design files, no strings attached.